About The Choquette’s

Andrew and I met and fell in love 3 years ago in Chicago.

Today, we are living in Seoul, South Korea where we plan to stay for at least the next 2 years. This is to be the story of newlyweds who picked themselves up and moved across the world the day after their honeymoon. Andrew is working for Samsung as a global strategist and Mary’s future career will unfold here before your eyes.

I am going to use this blog as a means to journal all the ups and downs, share our experiences with friends and family at home, and attempt to document what it is like to be in a country that is not our own but is to be our home. I’m also hoping that it is such a colorful and vibrant account of life in East Asia, that all of you are compelled to come visit. Our door is open.

11 responses to “About The Choquette’s

  1. Hey Mary-

    Wow sounds amazing so far. Thanks for this link. I’ll be sure to check this out frequently. What a great idea…have you ever thought of being a writer? You have something here….

  2. This is so exciting!!! This blog is a great idea for keeping your friends and family informed on all your new experiences! I can’t wait to see what’s next….

  3. Dear Diary it’s me Margaret…. Love the glimpse into your adventure. Can’t wait to visit. miss u much. xoxo

  4. Hi Mary,

    I’ve left three or four comments, but they don’t seem to be posting. Must be hitting the wrong button, so will try to hit the right one this time. This is a test. I’ll see if it works before I write more. Love you, Dad

  5. Melissa & Scott

    Mary & Andrew,

    This blog is fabulous! I love reading about your adventures and seeing the pics. Keep ’em coming!

    Hope you’re settling in. We miss you!
    Love, Mel and Scott

  6. Well…it looks like the adventure has begun! This is truely an amazing experience for you two. We wish you all the best! The blog was a great idea. It’s great to see your new life.

    All the best!
    Luvs, Gina & David

  7. Mary and Andrew….and we thought moving to Valdosta Georgia the day after our honeymoon was exciting 🙂 WE LOVE your epic…we can’t join you for real but the blog is the next best thing. Congrats on the new job Mary. xxoo M

  8. This is soooo much fun! You’re definitely a natural, making me want to read on. Vicarious life for us apparent “midwestern lifers”!

  9. Hi Mary – just came across your blog. AMAZING! It is so entertaining to read about your experiences! Sounds like things are shaping up and you are getting accustomed to your surroundings!! Keep up the blog – I enjoy reading about everything!!

    Sara (Bloemer) Thoele

  10. Hi Mary,
    My name is Sarah, a complete stranger who has enjoyed your blog tremendously! As the world is soooo small, my husband, myself and our itty-bitty son, Henry, happen to be moving to Seoul in August in order for Mike (husband) to work for Samsung, GSG- The Empire. Needless to say, your adventures have been inspiring, scary and wonderful to read! I’d love to ask you some questions about your move and the day to day bits and pieces of life in East Asia….
    By the way, I’m happy to bring over as many packets of Hidden Valley Ranch as your heart desires. Who can really live without it?

  11. Hi Mary! Total stranger here, blogstalking you. My boyfriend got an offer for the GSG program, and we are seriously considering moving to Seoul. I would love to chat with you about your time there! Visas, job opportunities, and lack of peanut butter – oh my. I realize you now have your hands full (congratulations!). Any guidance you can provide would be extremely helpful! Drop me an email if you get a moment!

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