Last Post Here

…but lucky for us it’s not the last post EVER!

After months of radio silence, I am finally ready to get back on the blogging horse. Have decided to start fresh with a new site for a new time. Needless to say Seoul Searching doesn’t quite fit with all the latest happenings in our oh-so-average-American life in the Pacific Northwest.

Sadly, I can’t promise you the excitement that was our day to day life in Korea. However, I can promise you that we have exciting things coming our way. If you enjoyed keeping up with us in Asia, I will do my best to try to make keeping up with us in America worth your while. The bottom line is, I need you back in my life and I’m willing to do what it takes. I have missed you all so very much…

Click here to start following our newest adventures.

Just in case the URL is

Hope to see you on the other side! XXOO.

Note: I didn’t mean to make it a private blog! I think I fixed it, but if you have trouble accessing it, let me know!

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