Note: April!?! Clearly I cannot seem to stay on task as of late – and it’s not just with the blog. I won’t make any excuses this time nor any promises moving forward. All I can say is fertility treatments are no joke and they take a lot out of you both physically and emotionally. Amen. 

So besides the I’ll-do-anything-anyone-tells-me-to-get-pregnant-even-if-its-borderline-bizarre-or-plain-old-crazy just what is it that has been keeping us so busy? I’m finally ready for a little recap. Here’s a look into our Portlanding and the last few months.

On the checked off list:

  • Find a temporary apartment while we figure out something more permanent
  • Move into said apartment
  • Put almost everything into storage because temporary apartment is small and temporary
  • Have wedding gifts (WHOO-HOO-HALLELUJAH) shipped from MI and add them to storage
  • Complete 12 credits of pre-requisites needed for graduate program at Portland Community College
  • Graduate school interviews and eventual acceptances at 2 schools! Made final decision. Yes to University of Portland. No to Pacific University. Was a tough call but I’m thrilled with the program at UPortland which will begin in late June
  • Buy 2 cars (yes 2 – ouch) and spend several hours at the DMV on several occasions
  • Begin aggressive fertility treatments because it’s our next step in getting to baby
  • Make new friends
  • Enjoy being back in America and all the wonders that comes with it – including but not limited to – drinkable tap water, half and half, Hoda and Kathy Lee, an US Weekly subscription, Target, Whole Foods, Bar Method, a new juicer, a few great weekends with some family and old friends and a bowling league with new ones

It took no time for us to fall in love with this city. It’s the perfect size – not too big and not too small. It seems a bit hidden and a little sleepy but also full of great energy. The people are friendly and everything is green.  Not to mention, the food is out of this world. I’ll say that bit again because it’s not an exaggeration – the food is out of this world. There are organic/green/healthier options of almost everything – from dinner to decompressing  – making my pregnancy pursuit and our transition to life back in the States all the more delightful. It seems to be the perfect place for us to have landed.

Unfortunately, I haven’t documented as much as I would have liked, but did manage to scrounge up a few photos to share of last few months.

Our place:

It’s literally one floor above the temporary apartment Nike provided our first 2 months. It’s small but located right in the heart of the Pearl (one of Portland’s favorite neighborhoods downtown-ish) and the location makes up for the limitations of the space.

When our shipment arrived from Korea, it was hardly the moving crew that saw us off. Instead a few tough guys that smelled like stale cigarettes and took ten times longer than Team Korea shuffled our things in – welcome back to America.

The hardest part was the reality that awaited in the boxes they left behind.

Remember how much I gloated about our last day in Seoul? Well, there are absolute downsides to not packing yourself (or preparing a thing before someone else packs you). In the 95 boxes that arrived, at least 25% could have stayed in Asia including empty shampoo bottles AND one bag of actual kitchen trash (ew). Not to mention, NOTHING was labeled making the whole process like one big puzzle. Open, un-pack, sort, re-pack, repeat.

It seemed to take an eternity but we eventually made it work. With not even close to enough closet space or character for my liking, the apartment is getting the job done for now. We are looking to move (yes AGAIN) in June. I can almost feel our unwrapped wedding gifts in my fingers and see the pictures on our wall. Someday very soon.

Until then, we are making the best of it and keeping things as simple as possible.

Sometimes I feel like I have been waiting to settle in my entire life. We’re like the couple who gets to keep being newlywed FOREVER.

Speaking of, we celebrated our second anniversary a few months back with gold bangles (one for each year + one for the wedding day – a new tradition for us).

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Andrew in my life. He continues to get better as my better half and has been incredible through the last few months…almost as good as my bowling score last week.

See that M?

We have joined a bowling league and every Wednesday The Bowling Stones give it their all at Hollywood Bowl. There are 3 other couples (all relatively new to Portland too) and it’s been so much fun. Just in case you can’t read it – I scored a 184 last week. I think maybe the hormones are doing more than stimulating my ovaries. Speaking of hormones…

…some people buy a bottle of champagne or perhaps some new lingerie when it’s time to get pregnant. We buy drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.

Drugs and a juicer.

This has probably been the best discovery of my infertility journey.

For the past 6 weeks –  in addition to acupuncture, diet changes, meditation, yoga, and a lot of please God please –  we have been juicing and I’m in love.

Until the wine returns, I’m happy to settle for a little green in my glass.

So there it is. Our Portlanding. AND proof that I’m not just holed up back in America on our ugly Korean couch watching reality TV (although there has been plenty of that) and feeling sorry for myself that we couldn’t make a baby the easy way while no longer living an international life jetting from place to place. In all honesty, there are certainly things I wish could be different, but nothing in this very moment I feel like I can change. In other words, I’m allowing myself to be on this journey and trusting that where it leads us will be exactly where we needed to end up.

Lots of love and miss. XO.


8 responses to “Portlanding

  1. Mmmmm.. Love green juice! It was one of the greatest treats about being in the US last summer. Instant feeling of wellness. So very happy to see a blog post and smiling you! Xo S

  2. So glad for the update! Love the name of your bowling team! Your place looks cozy! Keep on juicing!

  3. Allowing is everything!

  4. One of my college besties has seen noticeable changes to her cycle (it was very short and is now five days longer) with acupuncture. Hope it gives you great results too!!

  5. I am happy to see a blog.. I have been thinking about you. You are on a new journey and you have a great attitude for it! Keep your head up and lean on the great man in your life for the times when life gets you down. I might have to get a juicer.. those drinks look great!

  6. BRACELETS!!!!! Love them. Welcome to the club Mary. And good job Andrew.

  7. Mar! This is so RAD! I Heart you so so much. You are doing so FABULOUS, your life has become so fantastic! I am sending you fertile egg Goddess vibes your way 🙂 Thank you so much again for your input on traveling for me and Tim, we still haven’t decided and will let u know when we do 🙂

    ps. Um… waiting to settle down your entire life? I totally hear you sister. Could NOT have been said better. 😉 xx

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