My Shanghai Secret

Without a doubt I consider myself a trustworthy person who can keep things in confidence when it is important. However, I am the first to admit that it is SO hard for me to keep the fun stuff a secret. By nature I am a oversharer of all things and if given the opportunity to spill some beans, I take it and run.

Because of this, it is with great pride that I give you my Shanghai Secret.

EIGHT-mouth-shut-months later I am in the clear to share my surprise trip to visit Andrew in China for his 33rd. Because the birthday boy was in Shanghai for work, I snuck a quick visit to make sure we celebrated it the right way – together.

This was my inaugural visit to China and while Andrew worked, I roamed the sweltering streets of Shanghai taking it all in. The city was different from Seoul.

It had the incredibly modern skyline that Asia fosters so well…but it also had a French colonial skyline across the river making it the most european and romantic version of Asia I had ever seen.

It was seriously hard to figure out just where in the world I was…except for the smog which was a dead give away.

And the matching lovebirds.

Oh how I miss the days of matching lovebirds…

Speaking of lovebirds, we had a great weekend filled with all things Shanghai. We took the double-decker bus (I have no shame of my love for the double-decker tour guides) so we could cover a lot of ground,

and let the English audio guide us through the city.

We hopped on and off.


And took in all things China;

along with a few things American in China fashion.

It was a great day,

in a great city,

with the best guy.

After a full day and some hot-pot, we finished off with midnight birthday massages.

You have to love China for their 24/7 spas with cheap services AND the fact that they never have the right size for Andrew no matter what. He is such a good sport,

and this post was worth every bit of the wait – Happy Shanghai Secret!

3 responses to “My Shanghai Secret

  1. This is great! Gotta love a good midnight massage! 🙂

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