High Five

This week has been crazy. Life back in America is crazy.

Speaking of crazy…

I think it’s only appropriate to dedicate a quick post to the one I’m crazy for. Five years ago this week I met Andrew. It was a bitter cold night in Chicago and most likely the only time in my life I will ever be grateful for subzero Lake Michigan winds.

Thanks to those frigid temps and not being able to make it all the way to where he was going without stopping to warm up, Andrew walked into my life that night. We only spoke for a few minutes but I distinctly remember waking up the next morning thinking that this cutest boy ever in the cubs hat man was going to change my life. And he did. 5 days later, we had our first date and never looked back.

Life is full of surprises and meeting someone like Andrew was not something I ever expected to happen to me. Well, I take that back. Meeting someone like Andrew is not all that crazy. BUT having someone like Andrew fall in love with me despite just how crazy I can be is where the how-in-the-world-could-I-ever-be-so-lucky part comes in. Even more, the fact that he now, five years later, gets my crazy makes it all the more amazing.

With every challenging moment we have faced I have never doubted if we were in this together. Whether it’s “um is this balloon going to crash into an Egyptian cornfield?” or “how in the world will we ever make our family grow?”, I never have to even consider figuring it out on my own. Our partnership is such an amazing and powerful gift in my life. And it only keeps giving.

Oh my dear sweet Choq. Hive Five to you. Thanks for being the one. Not a day has passed in the last five years that I do not feel a deep appreciation for the things you bring to my life. You are the softest of places in this prickly world.

3 responses to “High Five

  1. Gives me a deep sigh, knowing what a gift this is.

  2. Very sweet! Andrew is very luck to have you in his life too! High Five to both of you!

  3. What a lovely post! Andrew is a lucky guy!! 🙂 I miss you both

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