Moving On

Now that it feels like a lifetime ago and it’s taken me way too long to post about all the last little bits I wanted to post about life in Korea…

…like Dr. Tan (and an absolutely awful photo of me) who helped me stay well and approached medicine like American doctors (amen) at the Samsung Medical Center…

…and the sweet mani/pedi girls who spoke very little English but could still successfully schedule an appointment with me by phone because every time I called they knew instantly it was Ma-Lee! (and with such enthusiasm it made my day). I must have literally been the ONLY foreigner that was a regular…

The list keeps going, but it’s time to pick some must-posts and move on. In the coming weeks I will share our departure and arrival stories, plus a few extra special top-secret trips I never got to post about this past year. Then it will be time to wrap up this Seoul Searching adventure. I can’t believe what an amazing experience this has all been.

Speaking of moving on, here’s a look at our moving day (your Thanksgiving!) in Korea. Hard to believe it was only 2ish months ago (and that my hair was that dark – ew/over it).

Now as someone who has moved more times than I can count on all fingers and toes, I am no stranger to the daunting process of packing. However, this one was hands down the easiest of all my moving days.

Basically, it consisted of me putting on my I ♥ Korea t-shirt (duh) and us packing our suitcases with things we would need to get us through our first month back in America.

Nike and Korea’s incredibly efficient moving men took care of the rest. Literally, we were in the way most of the day.

I think there were about 6 or 7 of them and they went to work like busy little bees at 8am sharp.

You could turn your back for one minute and things would be completely different than they just had been.

I kept thinking how fabulous this all was and what a great way to go. There would be no bad feelings (except for maybe a little guilt that I didn’t have to do a thing) about this move ever. None.

While the movers furiously packed our things, we even had time to reflect and feel nostalgic about our time in Korea. Our excitement to move back home was palpable.

We even took pictures with our boxes.

Because what else should we be doing?

If there is any part of you that is feeling slightly irritated that we have a glamorous life where others do our dirty work, oh don’t you worry we get what’s coming to our lazy a**es in about 6 weeks.

But for now let’s celebrate that ignorance is bliss and watch it all simply get swept away in less than 3 hours.

Our first home together as Mr. & Mrs…

…with one incredible-we-will-remember-it-always view.

Nothing left to do but toast to the memories made here. What a crazy and exciting adventure it has been.

Because Jerry and Arda were still with us,

we bid farewell to the Trump,

and checked into a hotel for one last night out AND a happy thanksgiving dinner in Seoul.

Moving on has never been more fun!


3 responses to “Moving On

  1. Good for you! Now that’s what I call moving in style! I think you of all people deserve an free pass in the moving department! Thanks for keeping up the blog! I just love it!

  2. I’m laughing because I’ve just recently lightened my hair back up from the really dark color it’d been since November…because I was so over it 🙂

    I think yours looks great in the pictures, though!

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